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“The amount of sales you get from a product depends on how visible it is” – Randy Kimbi ( Editor in Chief of Kimbi Blog).

How visible is your product ?

Kimbi blog is one of the most visited websites in Cameroon with an average of 80,000 page views monthly from over 30,000 users and over 9 million monthly reach from social media, Kimbi blog understand how Cameroonians operate and know how to engage them. We are the best place to go place for you as far as Advertising on the Internet to reach Cameroonians is concerned.

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AGE: (35%)18-24, (28%) 25-34, (18%) 35-44, (11%) 45-54, (8%) 55+

GENDER: 69% female and 31% male.

INTERESTS: 33% in employment, jobs, education career consulting services, 26% in financial and banking services, MLM, industrial, 15% in online and small business opportunities, 13% in technology, 8% in gifts, shopping and occasions, 5% in lifestyle, hobbies and fashion trends.

GEO: 62% Cameroon, 25% Nigeria, 5% United Arab Emirates, and 5% USA.

LANGUAGE: 72% en-us, 17% en-gb, and 11% others.

BROWSER: 73% Chrome, 15% Safari, 5% Opera, and 8% others.

OPERATING SYSTEM: 45% Android, 32% IOS, 14% Windows, 6% Macintosh, and 3% others.

https://kimbiblog.cm 80,000+ monthly pageviews, 30,000+ users, and 25,000 sessions.

FACEBOOK 1 (music+sports) :

80,000 followers, 7 Million post reach (monthly), 1.5 million engagements (monthly), 73% men, 26% women, Age: 18-25(36%), 25-44(41%), 35-44(14%), 55-64(1.1%), 65+(4%)

FACEBOOK 2 (sports):

30,000 followers, 1.7Million monthly reach, 300 thousand engagements (monthly)  56% men, 46% women, Age: 18-25(35.5%), 25-44(43.5%), 35-44(13%), 55-64(1%), 65+(4.4%)

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